"It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple.."


A team of seasoned developers and blue sky thinkers who are strongly focused on creating crafting special and precise products for you.

We love designing (and development)

We are the nomads who are in love with distant and uncharted places in the area of designing and development. We expand boundaries and challenge the limits to achieve the real change.

We love what we do

We try hard to build a bridge between the brand and the audience. We open ourselves to conquer any challenges through new inspiration and opportunities by visualizing the world through the eyes of our audience.

We squash weakness

We believe weakness tarnishes credibility. Brands that aren't credible aren't viable. We craft the brand around the truism held by us and our clients to create an experience that connects from the inside out.

Design & Development

To develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with the audience, we strongly believe design must invite them to take part in the conversation which turns into magical experience through our development.

The Take-off

We elevate the relationship of the brand from within, creating a whole new magical experience, the audience embraces. When the brand can truly flex its muscles, like becomes love becomes a passion. Passion becomes advocacy.

Our Promise

Employees and consumers are the two halves of a company and its success. We will never let these two halves have a different viewpoints. We strongly believe in transparency, an ingrained value in all our products.

Something we are proud of

We create cool stuff. And Awesome. Our products packed with all the qualities from being richly philosophical to purely practical. In all our products, design will be the core approach to conquer all the challenges.

92five app v1
92five app v1

92five app is a self hosted project management web application crafted with Laravel 4 (PHP framework) and Backbone js. Its open source and available on Github.

Project, Tasks, Timesheet, Calendar, Todos, Reports and Responsive Flat UI are some of its main features.

92five app v2
92five app v2

92five app version 2 is captivating yet simple self-hosted project management app with all the required features to make work simpler.

Features includes Projects, Tasks, Timesheet, Calendar, Todos, Reminders, Reports (including Gantt Chart), User management, Client area, Timelines, Comments, Notifications, Chat, Group Messages, Invoices and many many more.

Read Lives
Read Lives

We are building a platform for those who love to write about their Lives, who Love to share their experience, who love to share with the world what life means to them.

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Who are we ?

we are the story tellers, we are the wizards (good ones), we are EMRYS

Founded in 2011 with the name of Herbal Infotech Pvt. Ltd, we are a team constantly thriving to make something different, meaningful and most importantly useful. We changed our name to Emrys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2016 and increased our team to achieve more determined result.

We are a team of developers (web and mobile) and designers who embark on designing and developing right brand experience which solves a business problem and brings brand to life. Our core strength is developing useful, different and awesome business solutions which not only make our clients happy and satisfied but also something which we can be proud of.


To deliver the web and mobile solutions armed with insight which will help to create a value and make a difference.

Where are we ?

We are based in Rajkot City of Gujarat State in India

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   404 Cosmo Commercial Compelx, Mahila College Chowk, Rajkot 360001(Gujarat - India)

   209, Landmark Building, Astron Chowk, Rajkot 360001(Gujarat - India)

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   +91-281-2467888 / 2447555 / 2440555